Property Investors:
It's Time!
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Property Investors:
It's Time!
Learn more
If you have $150,000 or more in equity and household income over $135,000, you probably tick the boxes.

Thinking of Investing?

Worried about the risks?

Where do you even start?

Which builder?

Which design?

How much can I afford?

Which loan structure?

Is there a way to have it all done for you?

YES!! With 15 years daily experience in this ecosystem we’ve seen it all!

We can help you to:

Save TIME – MONEY – STRESS to produce the best possible result from idea to attainment

It all starts with a quick chat phone or zoom


Property in Perth predicted to grow by 15-18% over the next 18 months. Timing really matters

Move From Idea To Implementation

Nothing happens in the status quo. To achieve more you need to do Act.

How can Keypoint help you?

Our reason for getting out of bed each morning is to:


Source the best value turnkey opportunities, saving you thousands of dollars, with the lowest stress and in the fastest possible time frame from vision to completion


Access to over 150 designs to match your budget and vision


Reduce your risks of picking the builder who goes out of business part way through your build and the ensuing nightmare. It happens alas, but can be avoided.


We under promise and over deliver


We help you start your journey by finding out exactly what you want, instead of trying to sell you what we have.


Can you envisage what your life will look like in 10 years if you do nothing differently?

Dozens of builders where to start?
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All success starts with a first albeit nervous first step

Let's ZOOM!!!

Let’s free up 15 minutes for an informal chat and let’s talk about what your ideal vision looks like and how can you make it happen

That’s it.

Let’s talk.