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13 Year FIFO Veteran Reveals…

“This Simple Property Strategy Saves Me $14,000 / Year in Tax… And Allowed Me to Escape the FIFO Lifestyle for Good!”
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Tick Are you a FIFO worker (or your partner is?)
Tick Wish you could save money and pay LESS in tax?
Tick Like a simple strategy to eventually escape the FIFO lifestyle on your terms?
Then you have to hear the story of Ash, a FIFO veteran of 13 years from Beechboro, WA…

Like most FIFO workers, Ash was initially drawn to the industry because of the high salary…

He was working a 2:1 schedule; one week of day  shifts, one week of night shifts, then one week off at home.

He was busting his backside for those two weeks and was so tired afterwards he basically spent his whole week off recovering.

The whole time his wife was essentially bringing up their two kids by herself.

Ash was missing his kid’s birthdays, sporting events and social activities with his friends.

On top of that, he was losing over $50,000 per year to the tax man.

Get your FREE FIFO Exit Plan Strategy Session Now
Like most FIFO workers, Ash was initially  drawn to the industry because of the  high salary… Like most FIFO workers, Ash was initially  drawn to the industry because of the  high salary…
Then Ash had a terrible realisation….

He realised…

I’m making decent money on paper, but…

I’m actually making no dent in my mortgage…

I’m losing more than a third of my income to the taxman…

I’m missing out on seeing my kids grow up…

I basically have no life – and for what?

I need to be in a position to retire at some point, have my home paid off with enough money to live through my retirement years, plus be able to help my kids get a headstart in life should I want or need to.

Something has to give here…

Get your FREE FIFO Exit Plan Strategy Session Now
That’s when Ash approached us here at Keypoint, and we helped him acquire his first investment property.

Our proven process developed specifically for FIFO workers made it completely hands-free for Ash, so he could he spend his time off relaxing with his family and friends.

Fast-forward a few years and Ash’s progress has been incredible:

Tick He gets back around $14,000 every year in tax breaks from the government.
Tick He has one investment property completely paid off…
Tick He owns a 2nd investment property that will be paid off in 11.5 years.
Tick His family home will be paid off in 9.5 years - well before he retires…
Tick Now Ash is in a strong financial position, he has been able to leave the FIFO industry and work locally in Perth, giving him much more time to spend with his wife and kids.
Tick He has referred 9 friends and colleagues to Keypoint in the last 3 years.
According to Ash:
If you are FIFO, I implore you to take a step back and look at what you could be doing differently. 1 year becomes 15 in this game - you have to make it worth your while.

IF you are FIFO worker (or your partner is) then you can do this too, using our simple, proven process…

Tick The fact of the matter is, 19 out of 20 of the FIFO families we meet are paying WAY too much tax.
Tick If you qualify, we can show you how to reduce your family’s tax bill and save you tens of thousands of dollars a year.
Tick Plus we’ll show you how to redirect those savings to rapidly pay down your mortgage (many of our clients clear their mortgages in as little as 7 years)…
Tick While also building a valuable investment portfolio that grows in value over time (and will provide you an income in retirement).
Our FIFO clients often use this opportunity to exit the FIFO lifestyle on their terms.

It’s simple and straightforward once you have a proven process and experts supporting you.

Keypoint has been operating for over 11 years and we have already helped 1600+ Aussies achieve this – now we’d like to show you how you can do it too.

Register for a complimentary “FIFO Property Plan” today to discover the following:
Tick Are you starting to feel like the sacrifices you and your family are making may not be worth it? We'll show you the easier way to get ahead.
Tick Why most FIFO workers are paying a higher tax rate than rich people like James Packer... and the simple ways to reduce your taxes.
Tick Why the ATO will give you such a generous tax break when your decide to invest in property (HINT: if you are contributing to the economy, and providing quality housing for other Australians, they will happy provide you with big tax savings every year!)
Tick Why most people work 5 (sometimes 6) days a week but don't keep any of the money they make before Wednesday lunchtime.
Tick How simple "tweaks" to your finances could save you up to $800 a month.
Tick How our clients build wealthy legacy for their entire families, allowing them to give their kids a head-start in life, plus help out family and friends if they want or need to.
Tick How to build a multi-million dollar portfolio without it ever affecting your cashflow or lifestyle (in fact, many of our clients only pay $30-$40 per week to build and su pport their portfolios).
Tick The essential structures you MUST have in place to protect yourself, your family and your lifestyle when you invest.
Tick Why only 5% of Australians ever invest - and how you can be one of the "top 5%" who build their wealth through property.
Tick How our most successful clients are building their "property empires" and how you can use the same strategies to follow in their footsteps to acquire 2-4 properties in the next 10 years.
All our clients started from the same place you are in now – let us show you how to leverage simple, effective property investment techniques to reduce your tax and start your investment property journey.
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IMPORTANT: This offer is not suitable to everyone. You must be a FIFO worker (or your partner is) with a combined household income of least $100,000 per year, plus home equity of $150,000 to be able to use these strategies.

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Believe it or not, most Australian families with a combined income of $100,000 or more pay tax at a higher rate than rich people like James Packer.

And although they work 5 (sometimes 6) days a week, they don’t keep any of the money they make before Wednesday lunchtime because it gets gobbled up by tax.

On the other hand, proactive investors have discovered 100% legal strategies to redirect wasted tax dollars into property investments that help them retire sooner and richer.

Keypoint Management Group has helped more than 1600 hard-working Aussies save millions in tax and build a property portfolio that enables them to retire sooner and richer.

Our process is simple and begins by helping you redirect wasted tax dollars to potentially…

• Pay off your mortgage/s in 7 years (or less).
• Buy your first investment property and generate “instant” equity.
• Use that equity to build a property portfolio (that enables you to retire sooner and richer).
• Create legacy wealth for your family.

Think this may be what you’ve been looking for? Get in touch today to explore if we are a good fit to work together.