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Discover how Perth’s FIFO workers are using property investing to slash $10,000 – $20,000 off their taxes, pay off their homes 8-10 years earlier, and exit the FIFO lifestyle on their own terms…

ATO Income Taxes

$1 Million Dollars in Tax.

As a FIFO worker you’ll pay roughly $1 million dollars in tax to the government.

Not in 50 years. Not in 40 years. But in just 10 years.

When you consider income taxes, 10% GST, petrol taxes, stamp duties…

It’s no wonder many FIFO workers lose 40-50% of their incomes to tax.

That’s a higher tax rate than James Packer.

It’s impossible to get ahead financially when you spend 40+ years working only to lose half of your money to the taxman.

The Good News:

There is a way to Pay a lot less Tax, even no tax, legally.

Most FIFO workers are gone, busy working, for weeks or months at time and miss out on seeing their kids grow up.

Until they start accumulating assets, paying less tax and getting out of debt faster, they’ll always be overworking and missing out on life.

Even those on good incomes tell me there never seems to be enough money at the end of the month and they’re frustrated they can’t pay off their mortgage faster.

That they feel “trapped” in the FIFO lifestyle and don’t know how they will ever leave.

But it doesn’t have to stay this way…

Most FIFO workers are gone, busy working, for weeks or  months at time and miss out on seeing their kids grow up.

There is a way out.

I’d like to invite you to a free “FIFO EXIT PLAN” Strategy Session.

You will learn how to use property investment to pay less tax and exit the FIFO lifestyle on your own terms (whether that’s in 2, 5 or 15 years). Without it effecting your finances.

Plus I’ll show you how to avoid the mistakes most FIFO property investors make which costs them tens of thousands of dollars.

You’ll discover:

Tick How a Few Simple ‘Tweaks’ With Your Finances Can Take Out Inefficiencies Which Could Be Costing You Over $1,000 Every Month!
Tick How you CAN escape the FIFO lifestyle on your own terms, without it affecting your finances or your lifestyle.
Tick How you too CAN slash 8-10 years off your mortgage, saving tens of thousands of dollars in interest.
Tick Key strategies the wealthy use to ensure they not only create wealth but hold onto it
Tick Strategies to reduce your Income Tax legally using Australian investment property, including how some people are saving $10,000 - $20,000 per year in tax.
Tick No “get rich quick” nonsense or hype! Instead… a realistic action plan already being used by thousands of people to exit the FIFO lifestyle without it impacting on your income
Tick If property is the preferred investment vehicle for Australians, why is it only 1 in 200 people invest ... Discover what’s holding them and YOU back and how you can avoid it!
Tick And much more… 100% FREE… no obligation!

We will give you the next steps you must take to reduce your tax and leverage your wealth!

Get your FREE FIFO Action Plan Strategy Session Now

Australia now has over 2 million property investors

We can show you how to join them and start using property to save money on your taxes and mortgage.

As the owner here at Keypoint, I’ve been helping Perth taxpayers save money and build wealth for over 12 years, and have helped thousands of people in that time.

They are normal everyday people — just like you.

And they started their wealth journey the same way you are NOW…

Let us show you how you can finally get the tax monkey off your back and start redirecting those tax payments towards debt reduction strategies which will help you build your wealth so much faster.

Imagine how you’d feel knowing you are debt free, and have enough money to quit the FIFO lifestyle for good. Being able to throw away those “leg-chains” once you pay off your mortgage 8-10 years earlier.

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Kiaran Finn
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Now it’s your turn.

As long as you have a family income of at least $100,000, and some equity or savings of at least $150,000, you could get started today.

To register, simply enter your details in the form.

Once we have received your enquiry, one of our consultants will call you for a quick five-minute chat to confirm your details.

From there we can book in a time to sit down with you one-on-one and build out your personalised “FIFO Exit Plan” strategy.

For this strategy to work for you must be already be a home owner and have a combined household income of at least $100,000 per year and $150,000 in equity.



Due to the intense one-on-one nature of these sessions, we can only offer a handful of these free sessions every month.

If you’re interested, please apply now before someone else takes your spot.

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