Important Information for Divorcees Who Need to Know

How To Rebuild Your Finances Quickly, By Saving Thousands In Tax, And Paying Your Mortgage Faster On One Income

So You Can Secure Your Financial Future


How To Make Up Financial Ground Fast
When It Feels Like You're Starting Over

I know you are not looking for sympathy. But please allow me to say how sorry I am for the pain you have recently suffered. Divorce is emotionally exhausting. But, as you know, it can also be financially crippling.

  • Maybe you’ve come to this website because you’re wondering how to pay off your mortgage faster on one income.

  • Perhaps you’re frustrated by the amount of tax you’re paying and looking for strategies to legally save tax and boost your retirement savings.

  • Maybe you’re thinking about investing in property but don’t know where to start (and concerned about risking the money or equity you have).

And like many people who have experienced divorce, perhaps you’re wondering what you can do to rebuild your finances quickly and secure your financial future.


How We Help People Recover Financially From Divorce

The truth is, 19 out of 20 people we meet are needlessly paying thousands too much in tax. We help you redirect wasted tax dollars to potentially:

  • Pay off your mortgage/s in 7 years (or less)
  • Buy your first investment property and generate “instant” equity
  • Use that equity to build a property portfolio (that enables you to retire securely)
  • Create legacy wealth for your family

Keypoint Management Group has helped more than 1600 people save millions in tax and build a property portfolio that enables them to boost their retirement savings and secure their financial future.

Imagine having an extra $5,000, $10,000 or more to help you get back on your feet in years instead of decades.

Think of how this money could grow - through, say, a wise property purchase - into $50,000 or even $100,000 extra to give you security (and comfort) in retirement.

Now imagine how you could feel if you know you could retire years sooner (even though you feel like you?re starting from scratch right now)...

And the best part - all you'll notice is an investment of $30-$40 per week. The rest is created by redirecting the tax you are currently overpaying.


How To Pay Less Tax And Save More Money

Believe it or not, most Australian families with a combined income of $100,000 or more pay tax at a higher rate than rich people like James Packer.

And although they work 5 (sometimes 6) days a week, they don’t keep any of the money they make before Wednesday lunchtime because it gets gobbled up by tax.

On the other hand, proactive investors have discovered 100% legal strategies to redirect wasted tax dollars into property investments that help them retire sooner and richer. Here’s the difference:

What Other Keypoint Clients Say

Here’s what some of our clients say about their experience working with us and the results we have helped them achieve?

  • "My experience with Keypoint has been excellent. Building and investing was a daunting prospect for me, but Keypoint made it easy. All promises were kept and I have ended up with a solid investment, w..

  • "After being a little wary at first we found the whole experience rewarding. The Keypoint team of Ian, Mark, Raf and Ryan were professional and honest.

  • "Really very happy all round - would do it again- (Oh wait we did!)"


What Makes Us Different?

In a world of information overload, there’s no shortage of so-called experts providing their version of advice- especially when it comes to your finances. Here’s a brief assessment of what makes us different:

  • From Tax
    To Treasure

    We show you 100% legal strategies to redirect wasted tax dollars into property so you can pay down debt and build wealth.

  • Local Company, Local

    We look you in the eye and give you the same advice we give our own families.

  • Trusted

    We give you free access to our network of specialist advisors who work collaboratively to help you get maximum results in minimum time.

  • No Corporate Red

    No confusing jargon or hiding behind policy. We simply give you well-considered, honest advice, and help you implement it for real results.

  • Personal

    Deal directly with a long-standing advisor who knows you and your situation.

  • Our Best Advice
    100% Free

    Your first step with Keypoint is a free consultation where we share our best ideas - specific to your situation - 100% free. Book a Free Consultation now.

The Next Step In Rebuilding
Your Financial Future

The quickest and easiest way to find out more is to request a 5-minute chat during which:

  • You’ll get a crystal-clear picture of where you are in your financial journey right now (including how much tax you are overpaying and how to legally redirect this towards rebuilding your financial future)
  • You’ll feel a sense of confidence to dream again about your future and gain clarity over what you really want (and a realistic plan to get there)
  • You’ll get an overview of the proven strategies that enable you to save tax, pay off your home (on one income), and turbo-charge your investment savings (so you can rebuild your finances)
  • And you’ll explore how the team at Keypoint can help you put it all together, so you can use tax to make up financial ground and secure your future

"I know it doesn’t seem fair to have to start again after divorce. But I want you to know there are proven ways to save tax, pay off your home (on one income) rebuild your finances (quickly) so you can secure your financial future. I look forward to showing you how when we chat."


"Don't let your 'time poor' life turn
into a 'money poor' life. My team and I can help you. Take action NOW before life gets in the way"

- Kiaran -

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In our quick 5-Minute Chat, I'll share with you the best strategic advice I can, specific to your situation and future goals. No hype, no obligation, and absolutely no pressure - guaranteed.

If you like our ideas, you may be interested in joining the many first-time investors we work with to put these strategies into action. Alternatively, you can take the valuable information we give you and implement everything yourself.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.